Pallet collars

Pallet collars

We offer new pallet collars that allow the pallet to be transformed into a box of any size. Very easy to install, they are able to secure almost every piece of goods in transport.

Pallet collars are a very durable and environment-friendly solution which allows for extending the possibility of standard pallets. Modular design makes it possible to increase or decrease the capacity of the baskets created with the collars. They maintain the goods in one position, which is possible thanks to the use of robust material and creating barriers that – separating goods from each other – also contribute to increasing their stability in transport.

Our pallet collars are compatible with standard palettes. They are made of a durable and robust material, i.e. planed wood subject to thermal processing. This way, the pallet collar will not be damaged by insects and will continue to be free from blue stains as the time passes. This means that our collars meet the international phytosanitary ISPM 15 standards and can be used globally.

Dimensions of our collars:

  • 600×800 mm
  • 1,200×800 mm
  • 1,200×1,000 mm



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